6 Things to Think About Before Ordering Your Personalized Embroidery


With the holidays approaching, you might be considering a personalized gift for that special someone on your list. Or perhaps you want some branded personalized items to promote your business. Getting that perfect embroidered gift or business item requires some planning. I am here to guide you through the process and answer questions before we create your customized piece. Here are 6 things you may want to think about before we start on your embroidery project.

What do you want embroidered? What is going to make this particular piece of clothing, bag or other fabric special? Perhaps you’re monogramming towels for a couple who is tying the knot. Maybe your grandbaby needs a personalized sweater. You could have an inspirational quote you want embroidered. How about a personalized Christmas stocking? Or maybe you want some customer gifts personalized with your company logo to go in their holiday gift baskets. If you can dream it, I can stitch it.

Consider the font you want. You’re paying to make this gift (to someone else or maybe to yourself) personalized, so make sure you like the way it looks. Consider font as an important design element. If you have no idea what to pick, we can sit down and look at different possibilities until you find one that strikes your fancy.

Remember that your design is permanent. Personalized embroidered gifts are often kept for a long time as treasured keepsakes. Think long and hard about your design to make sure it’s something that you’re truly happy with, something that will stand the test of time.

Is this a gift for someone else or something for yourself? Consider that people have different tastes in what they wear, what designs they like, what colors and fonts they prefer. Try to anticipate what the other person might like (or just flat out ask) if you’re customizing a gift.

What color or colors do you want to use? Look at the fabric of the item you are having me embroider. Consider colors that will look good with it, colors that will pop. Stay away from colors that will clash or not stand out. If you’re not sure what might look good with your fabric, we can go over some possibilities when you bring your item to me for personalization.

Think about how much time you have before you need your item. If you have a single item you need embroidered, I may be able to turn it around in a day or so. If you need 25 or more items, that will require more time, and I can give you a better estimate when you talk to me individually about your order. Want something for the holidays? Be sure I have your order by the second week in December, latest!

Still not sure what you want? Schedule a one-on-one consultation with me. I can help you choose fonts, designs and colors and bring your vision to life. Let’s design that perfect piece together!


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