Fall Embroidery Fun

What is it about fall that makes me want to just stitch away? Besides the cooler weather, I think it’s that thread colors are so rich and beautiful, and the motifs of the season can be as fun or as elegant as we want. Here are some unique embroidery ideas that you might want to see come alive this season!

Leafy Goods

Oak and Maple leaves are always a favorite design. Stitching the leaf with royal scrolling for the interior gives a very modern twist on an old theme, and it looks really classy on the collar of a blouse.

Ombre (one color that gently fades into other colors and hues) is very popular right now and can be done in a series of leaves to really play up the dramatic colors of fall.

The more leaves in a design, the better! Try stitching abundance in a wooden wheelbarrow or a bushel basket.

Other leaves to consider:

Pumpkins Galore

Autumn embroidery without pumpkins is not very autumn-y. There are so many different ways to stitch them – as a jack o lantern, filled with fall flowers or just a big old orange globe. But, again, updated scrolling in the interior of the pumpkin is an elegant look, and it’s fabulous on holiday towels or napkins.

In the last several years, the heirloom pumpkins as well as white pumpkins are becoming very popular. This look can be easily transferred to embroidery and make a fun gift for your gardening friends.

Why not try:

Harvest Festival Fun

Historically, autumn is a time to celebrate the last “fall” of produce, and there is an abundance of wonderful things being harvested. Bushel baskets of apples, bunches of grape and bundles of wheat are so lovely in embroidered vignettes. The great thing is they are an awesome way to mix and match small patterns into a bigger motif. Encircled with scrolling or wreaths of leaves, they can make fantastic stitched décor for your home.

Mix and match the following:

Little Helpers

Little owls, squirrels and foxes are adorable rolling with acorns and leaves across sweatshirts, and scarecrows always make a great impression, surrounded by pumpkins and sporting a brave crow on the shoulder.

Also popular:

These are just a few of the ideas out there. The best ways to find inspiration for your autumn projects is to just take a walk in nature. Or contact me! I’d love to share some more ideas with you!

-Teresa Giltner, Owner, MT Needleworks

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