As you know, I love quilting! I love the artistry of putting pieces of cloth together to form something completely different from any other sewn item. I also love to encourage people to try quilting themselves. It’s a great hobby. If you’re interested in quilting but need a little more motivation than me cheering you on, there are lots of quilting clubs in the area that can support you. Here’s a little bit about quilting clubs (yes, I looked up the history) and the local organizations that you might look into.

What does a quilting club do?

Socializing, quilting and philanthropy have always gone together. Towns would come together to create quilts for those in need while socializing and optimizing their work on each quilt. While quilting bees may not be as commonplace as they were 100 years ago, there are still people who love to get together, socialize and create.

There are a few local quilting clubs in the Northern Virginia area. Not only do these organizations spread their love for the craft, they also do a lot of good in their communities. If you love to quilt and want to connect with fellow quilters with philanthropic spirits, check them out and decide which one may be right for you.

Clubs in Northern Virginia and Prince William County

If you would like more information on quilting as a hobby, or if you would like me to help sew you a quilt, contact me! I would be happy to make your vision come to life, one stitch at a time.

-Teresa Giltner, Owner, MT Needleworks

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