Get Creative With Custom Banners

Custom embroidered banners can serve a multitude of purposes. Whether you’re a business owner trying to boost your brand recognition, a school coach celebrating your team’s victory or someone who just enjoys decorating your house, there’s a customized embroidered banner out there that’s just right for you! Let’s take a look at some of the options out there for banners.

Parties – Decorate your next bridal or baby shower with a festive custom banner! The banner can adorn your refreshment table on top of your tablecloth, and you can have guests sign it to have your banner double as your guest book! Signatures can even be stitched into the banner at a later time so that they stay intact forever. You could do the same for a wedding, creating a banner to go on the gift table that guests could sign. Create a truly special keepsake for the bride, couple or mommy-to-be. Or you can create a durable, customized keepsake decoration for your annual holiday parties with customizable, seasonal banners. Year after year, you can adorn your holiday dinner table with your family’s favorite festively designed scene. These decorations can become keepsakes that are passed down to your children and their children so your family can form lasting, happy memories around the dinner table for generations.

Trade shows – Build your company’s brand recognition by using a customized banner with your company’s logo, slogan or tagline. These banners can be excellent at trade shows, at networking events or even in your office lobby (when you’re not using your banner on the go). Create continuity of your brand across all of your marketing materials, including your custom banner, so that your customers see your logo and instantly associate it with your company. The more visible your logo is, the better your brand recognition will be.

Government and education – If you work for a government office or an educational institution, we can create a custom banner that displays your official seal, emblem, mascot, etc. Schools can order custom banners for events such as graduations and proms. Show pride in your organization by displaying your banner!

Wall hangings – There are so many options for decorating your home with beautiful custom banners. Choose your favorite inspirational saying or quote and create a banner. You can add baubles, cloth flowers, lace and more to embellish your inspirational banner. Or add pops of color to your décor with a beautiful, visually stimulating design. Order custom banners for your children’s rooms with their favorite cartoon character or decoration to match their existing room theme. The possibilities are truly limitless. If you can dream it up, we can embroider it.

Sports victories – Coaches from every sport want to celebrate their teams’ victories, especially with big wins like all county or all state or national championships. Decorate your team’s home gym with victory banners commemorating special wins or MVPs, or display your team’s mascot on a banner.

There are so many creative uses for banners, I can’t possibly list them here. If you have an idea and need help bringing it to life, contact me. We can design something together that’s just right for you.

-Teresa Giltner, Owner, MT Needleworks

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