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Unique Tablecloths and Napkins

Now that the season of picnics and barbeques is upon us, you’re going to need all the right items to set the ambiance, right? Sure, you could run out to a party store and grab plastic and paper, but if you’re looking for something reusable, environmentally friendly and classic that will make an excellent family heirloom one day, try personalized tablecloths and napkins at your next event!

For family get-togethers, consider embroidering each napkin with a family member’s name. This way, each one doubles as a napkin and a place card when you set the table. These are really cute and unique. Your family members will feel truly welcomed at your home when they see the effort you put forth to personalize their dining experience. You can try your hand at making them yourself or put in an order with me. (These would also be great at weddings, as each guest could bring them home afterwards as a gift.)

Embroidered tablecloths can be personalized to suit any décor. Here’s an idea. You can have dinner guests sign your tablecloth and write a message and later embroider it into the cloth. This type of heirloom can be treasured by your family for years to come! Another fun idea is to trace children’s handprints and transfer them with embroidery over the years. You can track your children’s growth, and this could become an heirloom they pass down to their children someday. It would also make an excellent gift for grandparents. To think, you can do all of this on a tablecloth!

Personalized, embroidered tablecloths are also excellent for a wedding shower or baby shower. Guests can sign a tablecloth with their well-wishes, which can later be embroidered to immortalize their words. The tablecloth can serve as a guest book and a treasured memory for years to come, while also serving the practical purpose of covering the table during family meals.

If you have a décor theme in your kitchen or dining room, you can add embroidery to your table linens to match. Let’s say you have a Tuscan wine theme in your kitchen. You can add grapes, wine bottles or wine glasses to your linens. When you dine outside, you can bring a touch of your personal taste outside with you through your personalized embroidered linens. Or let’s say you want a summery theme for your picnic set. You could add festive watermelon or beach-themed embroidery to your tablecloth and napkins.

While paper and plastic may be convenient, they are not very eco-friendly. Personalized linen can be used over and over again for years. The cost savings over time is also enormous. Besides, paper and plastic have become so ordinary that they don’t really set your entertaining experience apart. Personalized, embroidered linen sets a classy tone and can be a great dinner conversation piece. The possibilities are truly limitless.

If you have an idea, I can turn it into a reality. Set up a consultation and see what we can dream up together!

-Teresa Giltner, Owner, MT Needleworks

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