How to Choose Colors for Holiday Quilts

We’re in the middle of the gift-giving season and maybe you’ve got the sewing bug, or maybe you want to commission a custom-made gift for your loved one. If you’ve got a quilt in mind for the holidays, you’ve got some design decisions to make (and fast). Choosing colors for a quilt depends on the person who will be receiving the quilt, their taste and what you envision them using the quilt for. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect colors for your holiday quilt.

Holiday-Themed Quilts

If you plan to give a quilt that will be part of someone’s holiday décor, you can choose colors that are appropriate for the season. Think about the person you’re creating this quilt for. What holidays do they celebrate? What do their household decorations look like? Do they have a color scheme with their existing decorations? For someone who prefers neutral decorations, you could choose whites, creams and metallics. For someone who opts for colored lights and family-made ornaments, perhaps a classic red, green and white color scheme would be more appropriate. If your gift is for Hanukah, consider using blue and white for the quilt.

Quilts to Use Year-Round
If you’d prefer to give a gift that your loved one can use all year long, your color scheme will be drastically different than a holiday-themed quilt. The same basic rule of shopping with your loved one’s taste in mind still applies. You can always snap a picture of their current décor when you’re over to visit to help guide your color selections. Here are a few color schemes that you can choose from:

• Complementary color scheme – Complementary colors are opposites on the color wheel. Examples of complementary colors are blue and orange or yellow and purple. If you’re looking for a bright quilt where the colors really pop, use complementary colors.• Monochromatic color scheme – For a monochromatic color scheme, you would choose one main color and use various shades, tints and tones of that color. The way to make a monochromatic quilt look interesting is to use different patterns or textures of fabric.
• Neutral color scheme – Black, white and gray are all neutral colors. If your loved one likes to decorate neutrally, or even with lots of color, neutral may be the way to go (to avoid clashing with the existing strong colors).  You could also consider doing primarily neutral colors with small pops of brighter colors within the quilt.
• Analogous color scheme – Analogous colors are very close to one another on the color wheel. An example would be green, blue and purple. You can enhance the beauty of a quilt that’s primarily analogous with pops of a complementary color as an accent.

Finally, when in doubt, ask. I have a lot of quilting experience to share and I want to be a resource for you. If you’re ordering a custom quilt for a gift, let’s talk and come up with a beautiful design together. But do it soon! Time is running out!


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