Spring Coordinating Colors for Quilts

Warmer weather is finally here (and hopefully it’s here to stay). But just because we’re not bundling up as heavily, we can still create light-weight, spring quilts. Every season is quilting season for me. Here are some suggestions for colors/patterns for lively and bright spring quilts.

Easter-Themed Quilts
You could choose fun prints like baby chicks, ducks, bunnies or Easter eggs and intersperse those squares with pastel colored or neutral colored squares. Create an Easter egg quilt with the egg shapes cut out of brightly-colored or tie-dyed fabrics. These eggs would look great on a field of neutral squares. Choose a religious theme for the season and create a cross out of lovely creams and whites on a background of rich colors like reds or blues.

Nothing says springtime more than a brightly colored floral print. You could mix a single floral fabric and choose your solid squares from the accent colors of the print. For instance, if you had blue, pink and purple flowers with pops of yellow in the pattern, you could use solid blue and purple squares. You could also mix two florals with similar color schemes as long as you keep the other squares fairly neutral.

Nature-Inspired Colors
Think about the beautiful palette of colors springtime brings us. Take a walk in nature and get inspired. Often colors in nature are analogous, or close to one another, on the color wheel, so they’re very pleasing to the eye. If you look at hydrangea bushes, you may see rich greens, bright blues and vivid violets. These represent an analogous color scheme and would also make great colors for a quilt. You could also go monochromatic and choose shades of the same color. A quilt done entirely in shades of yellow would be wonderful and sunny for springtime.

April Showers and May Flowers
There are patterns out there for really cute rain-themed quilts. Consider creating a quilt of brightly colored or beautifully patterned large umbrellas, dotted with raindrops in varying shade of blue. Think about how cute a quilt of rain galoshes could be. You could use bright, primary colors for the galoshes and create puddles of blue in the background. And with those April showers quilts, you could also create a May flowers quilt. You could use solid colors to create flowers on a background of nature-inspired vivid blues and greens.

Butterflies and Rainbows
Spring is such a colorful season, you could really get vibrant with your spring quilt color selections. You could create a quilt of brightly colored butterflies on a neutral background. Stained glass quilts would also be lovely for this season. Stained glass quilts can use just about every color in the rainbow bordered in black to create vibrant and beautiful designs.

Browse the Fabric Store
If you have a pattern you just love in mind but you can’t quite envision the colors you want to use, you can always go to your local fabric store (you know you want to anyway) and peruse their selection of colors.

If you can’t decide how you want your quilt to look, I can help. We will talk about what you have seen that you like, what you want to use the quilt for and any ideas you might have. Let me bring your creativity to life! Contact me today.

-Teresa Giltner, Owner, MT Needleworks 

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